Our Story

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Hey there! Let us take a moment to tell you how Three Dog Digital marketing came to be…

Our company launched in May 2016 with one goal in mind: to help great small businesses win online. How? By relieving our clients of the stress of digital marketing so they can focus on running a business.

No more trying to build and maintain your own website. No more struggling to find customers online. At last… real, local, expert help for small business owners in Chapin, SC.

The name? Well, that’s pretty easy to explain…

three dogs

The company mascots hard at work.

Also, Owner and CEO Adam Fogle happened to be building a house here…

Three Dog Road

Home, sweet home.

So why not Three Dog Digital?

And so we were born.

What we do.

We serve upstart, fun, and trendy small businesses — mostly in the Columbia, S.C. area — with our proven 4-Step Digital Marketing Approach. Yes, we are somewhat picky about who we work with because we prefer to work only with businesses we believe in. We don’t just work for our clients… we’re usually their customers, too.


Things are going well for your small business — really well! But after a while, you hit a plateau. You start losing track of things. Your social media accounts are a mess. Your email list hasn’t been touched in months. Fresh blog content? Yeah, right! It’s impossible to stay on top of it all: to get your brand out there, convert new leads into customers, interact with regular customers, and build your business online.

So, what do you do?

Hopefully, you turn to a professional. Hopefully, you turn to Three Dog Digital…

When he launched this company, our CEO Adam Fogle had a vision — a level playing field for small businesses that have excellent products and services to offer but don’t necessarily have the resources to hire an overpriced agency to help them compete in the digital space. He wanted to provide an alternative option for busy small business owners who are already up to their necks with day-to-day tasks such as payroll, customer service, accounting and HR, etc… because NO small business should be wasting precious time, energy, and money on doing their own digital marketing.

He put his wisdom into building an affordable, scalable digital marketing approach that can work for any type of small business in any type of industry. Based on that, we began putting together a suite of packages to give small businesses all the tools and support they need to successfully grow their company online, keep up with their competitors, and WIN… and we’re getting better at it every day.


At Three Dog Digital, it is our mission to help you and your small business find prospective customers online and develop genuine, long-term relationships that convert them into regular customers.

By making sure your web platforms and online campaigns are aligned, responsive, engaging, tailored to your needs, and automated to suit your audience, Three Dog Digital delivers strong brand awareness, customer loyalty, and exponential growth potential for your small business.

But we do more than that…

Our services enable you to be less busy, experience clarity, and be proud of your business with blog, social media, and email campaigns that are optimized, integrated, and primed for great results.

Three Dog Digital invites you to discover how your small business will benefit from our customized packages.


BOLD marketing is a concept we created and truly believe in.

In today’s world, where everyone is online, digital marketing is key to getting your brand out there, and ensuring that customers can engage with your products and services. But so many businesses (and, frankly, even other marketing firms), are totally lost when it comes to the most efficient and effective strategies for online growth.

Being BOLD means taking a chance… trying a new idea that might be a little outside the box but could also yield extraordinary results. It means infusing tested strategies into new concepts that allow you to create new possibilities.

BOLD marketing goes a level deeper than most marketing — by properly articulating a potential customer’s move from their “Before” state (i.e. my life could be better) to their desired “After” state (i.e. your product/service makes my life better).

If you have a minute, we’d love to know, what caused you to stop by Three Dog Digital? Just follow this link and send us a message.

Thanks again for stopping by. We hope to hear from you soon!

– The Three Dog Digital Team