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Welcome To Three Dog Digital! Here’s Where To Start

Hey there!

My name is Adam Fogle and I am the founder and CEO of Three Dog Digital. I wanted to officially open our blog by saying hello and welcoming you to our brand new but rapidly growing family!

If you haven’t signed up for our exclusive “Early Dog” deal, then I encourage you to do so before it’s too late and the deal is gone.

So, what is this whole Three Dog Digital marketing thing about?

We were born out of necessity.

I started this company in May 2016 as a way to help small businesses win online — without needing to have a million-dollar budget. All too often, it’s the business that spends the most to acquire and convert a new lead that wins, whether or not they have the best product or service.

We want that to change.

We want the business with the best products and services to win every time, regardless of their marketing budget.

Our mission is simple:

To help you win online by providing you with all the digital marketing services you need to grow your business.

Those services include:

  • Content Creation for Conversion
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Email Automation & Monetization

If you’d like more information about any of our offerings, please don’t hesitate to send me a message and ask.

But real quick, here’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing about us…

We’re not like other marketing companies.

We actually care about your success. In fact, that’s why I started Three Dog Digital… I found that too many of the “bigger” digital marketing firms care more about making money than getting results for their clients.

While money is nice, for us, the real reward is helping great local businesses soar to new heights. If we work with you, it’s usually not because we want your money — it’s usually because we’re your customer and, as such, we have a vested interest in seeing you thrive.

We’re smart enough to know our success is tied to your success. You always know we’ve got your back.

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Here’s what you can expect from us…

Again, I strongly encourage you to grab our special Early Dog deal using the box below… before it’s too late and this amazing offer is gone.

This will also ensure you are the first to receive Three Dog Digital’s exclusive offers, tips, and tricks that are guaranteed to maximize your small business’s digital offering today.

If you sign up for the Early Dog deal, we’ll also add you to our mailing list.

Our mailing list is the best place to get hold of our best tips and tools, as well as great content — including alerts about new blog posts. Really, you’re crazy to pass up this valuable, free resource.

Lastly, I like to get to know as many of our visitors as I can, and I read every message personally. So, please follow this link and drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks again for stopping by.

Talk soon,

Adam Fogle

Founder & CEO, Three Dog Digital

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Adam F. Naughton

Founder & CEO of Three Dog Digital. Lover of all things 90s, huge Panthers/Braves/Hornets fan, and invincible like Bruce Willis in the movie Invincible.